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Regulation 7. Standard conditions.

                                   P.U.(A) 5/70
                          REGULATIONS, 1970

Regulation 7. Standard conditions.

(1) The Chief Inspector shall assign an authorised safe working pressure which shall be the
manufacturer's or maker's design pressure, to any imported steam boiler or unfired pressure
vessel as the case may be if such steam boiler or unfired pressure vessel satisfies the standard
conditions in paragraph (2) of this regulation.  

(2) The standard conditions in respect of any imported steam boiler and imported unfired
pressure vessel shall be as follows:

(i) it shall not have been in previous use or suffered deterioration from any cause;

(ii) all the materials used in the construction shall, in respect of chemical composition,
quality, process of manufacture, number and nature of tests, inspections and
manufacturer's certificate, comply with the provisions of one of the codes, rules or
specifications set out in the First Schedule to these regulations;

(iii) in respect of design, method of construction workmanship and tests it shall comply
with the provisions of one of the codes, rules or specifications set out in the Second or
Third Schedule to these regulations as may be appropriate;

(iv) during the period of construction it shall have been under the supervision of an
authorised member of the Inspecting Authorities set out in the Fourth Schedule to these
regulations; and

(v) it shall be provided with fittings in accordance with the provisions of these regulations.
(3) A certificate from the Inspecting Authority substantially in the form shown in the Fifth Schedule
to these regulations declaring that the provisions of sub-paragraphs (ii), (iii) and (iv) of paragraph
(2) of this regulation have been satisfied shall be accepted by the Chief Inspector as satisfactory
evidence thereof.

(4) Notwithstanding the provisions of this regulation, if, in respect of an imported unfired pressure
vessel, the product of the internal diameter in inches and the design pressure in pounds per
square inch of which is three thousand or less

(i) the provisions of sub-paragraph (iv) of paragraph (2) of this regulation shall not apply;

(ii) in lieu of the certificate prescribed in paragraph (3) of this regulation, a suitable
certificate from the manufacturer or maker of the unfired pressure vessel shall be

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