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Regulation 17. Fusible plug.

                                      P.U.(A) 5/70
                      UNFIRED PRESSURE VESSEL)
                               REGULATIONS, 1970
                         PART II - STEAM BOILERS

Regulation 17. Fusible plug.

Every fusible plug fitted to a steam boiler shall-
(i) be of such height and so located as to give early protection to every part of the steam
boiler liable to damage by direct application of furnance heat in the event of shortage of

(ii) have a separate outer body of bronze or gunmetal with a central conical passage the
least diameter of which shall not be greater than three-eighths of one inch:

Provided that for pressures of one hundred pounds per square inch or under such
diameter may be one-half of one inch; and

(iii) have such passage closed by a plug secured by an annular lining of fusible alloy so
arranged that such plug will drop clear when the lining melts. Such fusible alloy shall melt
readily at a temperature not more than one hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit greater
than the saturated steam temperature corresponding to the authorised safe working
pressure of the steam boiler.

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