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Regulation 18. Feed check valve.

                                    P.U.(A) 5/70
                    UNFIRED PRESSURE VESSEL)
                         REGULATIONS, 1970
                  PART II - STEAM BOILERS

Regulation 18. Feed check valve.

(1) Every steam boiler feed check valve shall be of the non-return regulating screw down type:

Provided that a non-return valve and a regulating screw down valve may be fitted separately
instead of combined valve.

(2) Every feed regulating valve shall be fitted direct to the boiler shell or to a pad attached thereto.

(3) The discharge from the feed valve or from the internal feed pipe, where provided, shall be
above low water level and clear of any riveted joint or of any surface which is exposed to direct

(4) Every feed valve shall be arranged so as to be operated satisfactorily from the firing floor or
other convenient position.

(5) Where two means of supplying feed water to a steam boiler are provided, one check valve
only may be fitted.

(6) Where two or more steam boilers are supplied from a common feed delivery pipe, an isolating
valve shall be provided on the branch pipe to every steam boiler between the check valve and the
source of supply. 
(7) Where a steam boiler is supplied by a feed pump of the reciprocating type a suitable relief
valve shall be fitted between the check valve and the pump.

(8) Every feed regulating valve and every combined regulating non-return feed valve shall be
clearly marked with the direction of hand-wheel closure.

(9) Every non-return feed valve shall be clearly marked with the direction of flow.

(10) Every feed valve shall bear the manufacturer's or maker's name and design pressure.

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