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Regulation 25. Economiser fittings.

                                  P.U.(A) 5/70
                          REGULATIONS, 1970
                    PART II - STEAM BOILERS

Regulation 25. Economiser fittings.

(1) Every non-steaming economiser shall be provided with-
(i) an isolating valve and a non-return valve fitted between the economiser water outlet
and its associated steam boiler;

(ii) at least one safety valve having a diameter not less than two inches. Where such
economiser is arranged in two or more sections and fitted with circulating devices at least
one such safety valve shall be fitted in each section;

(iii) a thermometer or other temperature indicating device at both the water inlet and
outlet connections, so located as to be easily accessible and visible;

(iv) a suitable pressure gauge, preferably located on the inlet manifold;

(v) means for the release of any air which may accumulate therein;

(vi) means for completely draining the water;

(vii) where provided with means for heating the incoming feed water by mixing it with hot
water from the economiser outlet, a non-return valve fitted in the hot water return line;

(viii) an alternative means of feeding the steam boiler, other than through such
(2) All economiser valves and fittings shall comply with the provisions of these regulations relating
to steam boiler fittings which are appropriate.

(3) Every economiser shall be provided with a by-pass flue fitted with isolating dampers so that
the flow of gases over the economiser may be cut off when necessary. The operating gear for
such dampers shall be readily accessible and means shall be provided to indicate clearly the
open and closed positions.

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