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Regulation 26. Foundations.

                                   P.U.(A) 5/70
                     UNFIRED PRESSURE VESSEL)
                            REGULATIONS, 1970
                     PART II - STEAM BOILERS

Regulation 26. Foundations.

(1) Where it is necessary to construct a concrete raft to support a steam boiler the thickness of
such raft shall not be less than twelve inches and where the bearing capacity of the substrata is
less than two tons per square foot adequate suitable reinforcement shall be provided.

(2) Any raft supporting an economiser shall be constructed adjacent to but independent of the raft
for its associated steam boiler and with suitable provision for expansion.

(3) Any shims used to support a vertical steam boiler shall be of iron or steel and shall be
securely grouted or otherwise fixed in position.

(4) Every horizontal shell type steam boiler shall be so supported that the transverse centre line is
horizontal, and so that such boiler is self-draining.

(5) Every wet-bottom steam boiler shall be so installed that there is a clear space not less than
twelve inches between it and the floor.
(6) Every vertical steam boiler shall be installed on a plinth or over a pit so that there is a distance
of not less than fourteen inches between the foundation ring of such boiler and the firing floor or
the pit floor respectively, for access to the furnace.       

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