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Regulation 27. Brickwork settings.

                                     P.U.(A) 5/70
                    UNFIRED PRESSURE VESSEL)
                            REGULATIONS, 1970
                       PART II - STEAM BOILERS

Regulation 27. Brickwork settings.

(1) The brickwork setting of every shell type steam boiler and economiser shall comply in respect
of the materials used in its construction with the requirements of British Standard Specification
No. 1614 - Brickwork settings for cylindrical boilers.

(2) Every such setting shall have at least one access door of area not less than one hundred and
ninety-two square inches and the minimum dimension of which in any direction is not less than
eleven inches.

(3) Every flue in any steam boiler setting shall be large enough to permit a man to pass through.

(4) Means shall be provided to prevent the accumulation of water between any steam boiler shell
and its seating blocks.

(5) Every riveted joint shall so far as practicable be kept clear of any brickwork.

(6) Where a blow-down recess is provided it shall be of sufficient size to accommodate the blowdown
connections and permit necessary maintenance.

(7) Where a number of steam boilers are connected to a common flue system, means shall be
provided to isolate any steam boiler for cleaning or repair.

(8) The flues of a steam boiler fired by oil or pulverised fuel shall not be connected to the same
chimney as the flues of a steam boiler fired by solid fuel except with the written permission of the
Chief Inspector.

(9) Where the setting of a steam boiler is provided with an explosion relief door such door shall be
of the outward opening hinged gravity closing type without catch or other fastening device and if
located in the setting within a distance of seven feet of the firing floor or operating platform, it shall
be provided with substantial deflectors to divert the blast.

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