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Regulation 10. Essential fittings.

                                      P.U.(A) 5/70
                   UNFIRED PRESSURE VESSEL)
                            REGULATIONS, 1970
                       PART II - STEAM BOILERS

Regulation 10. Essential fittings.

(1) Every steam boiler shall be provided with-
(i) two or more safety valves, at least one of which shall be of the direct spring-loaded

Provided that any steam boiler having a heating surface of one hundred square feet or
less may have only one safety valve, in which case it shall be of the direct spring-loaded

(ii) two water gauges:

Provided that any steam boiler having an evaporative capacity of less than three hundred
pounds of steam per hour from and at two hundred and twelves degrees Fahrenheit may
have only one water gauge, in which case not less than two suitable test cocks shall be
fitted in place of the second water gauge;

(iii) a steam pressure gauge;

(iv) a blown down valve or cock;

(v) two feed pumps or alternatively one feed pump and one injector:

Provided that any steam boiler having a heating surface of one hundred and fifty square
feet or less or any steam boiler fitted with automatic controls which "fail to safety" may be
fitted with one feed pump;

Provided further that where two or more steam boilers are coupled together the number
of feed pumps or injectors required shall be as approved by the Chief Inspector;

(vi) a main steam stop valve;

(vii) a feed check valve;

(viii) an Inspector's test pressure gauge attachment;

(ix) a fusible plug in each furnace or combustion chamber:

Provided that any steam boiler fired with liquid or gaseous fuel shall not be required to
have a fusible plug;

(x) a low-water alarm; except that a low water alarm shall not be required for any steam
boiler which is fired with-
(a) solid fuel and generation steam at a pressure of 250 pounds per square inch
or less; or

(b) liquid or gaseous fuel and fitted with a low water fuel cut-out.
(xi) a low-water fuel cut-out where such steam boiler is fired with liquid or gaseous fuel;

(xii) the manufacturer's or maker's name plate; and

(xiii) a registration plate.
(2) This regulation shall not apply to any economiser or any superheater.

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