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Regulation 13. Water gauges.

                                   P.U.(A) 5/70
                  UNFIRED PRESSURE VESSEL)
                         REGULATIONS, 1970
                   PART II - STEAM BOILERS

Regulation 13. Water gauges.

(1) Every water gauge fitted to a steam boiler shall-
(i) where practicable be fitted to the steam boiler end plate or shell. Where this is not
practicable it shall be mounted on a column and there shall be no connecting passage
between the top and bottom arms of such column unless valves or cocks are fitted as
close as practicable to the steam boiler between such column and the steam boiler.
Where the column is connected to the steam boiler by pipes there shall be no pocket or
bend between the upper arm of the column and the steam boiler where water may
accumulate and there shall be no outlet connections attached to such pipes except for
damper regulators, feedwater regulators, drains, pressure gauges or apparatus of such
nature as does not permit the escape of an appreciable amount of steam or water

(ii) be so mounted that the lowest visible part of the gauge glass shall not be lower than
the lowest safe working level;

(iii) be so arranged that the water level is visible from the firing floor and where necessary
suitable means of illumination shall be provided for this purpose;

(iv) be fitted with cleaning plugs;

(v) if of the tubular type, be fitted with a glass having an external diameter not less than
one-half of one inch and not more than three-quarters of one inch;

(vi) if of the tubular type, be provided with a substantial protector of toughened or splinter
proof glass:

Provided that a slotted metal protector may be fitted to a small portable steam boiler
except that no protector shall obstruct the reading of the gauge;

(vii) be fitted with a drain cock with a suitable discharge pipe. Such pipe shall be
adequately supported and shall lead the discharge clear of any place where it would be
likely to cause bodily injury to any person and where practicable the point of discharge
shall be visible;

(viii) be fitted with a self-closing device in the bottom arm; and

(xi) be fitted with cocks which shall-
(a) be accessible from positions free from danger in the event of the gauge glass

(b) where directly operated have their handles arranged to lie parallel to the
longitudinal centre line of the gauge when the cocks are in their normal working
positions. Where any cock handle is detachable the shank of the cock shall be
marked to show the position of the port in the plug and arrangements shall be
made to prevent such handle being incorrectly fitted;

(c) where integral with the water gauge, have the plug thereof held in place by a
guard or gland; and

(d) where working at a pressure of one hundred pounds per square inch or over
have the bodies thereof packed with heat resisting material.

(2) Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph (1) of this regulation a globe-type screw down
valve may be fitted to any water gauge mounted on a high duty steam boiler installed in a thermal
power station.

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