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Regulation 37. Fully automatic burner system.

                                   P.U.(A) 5/70
                  UNFIRED PRESSURE VESSEL)
                           REGULATIONS, 1970
                      PART II - STEAM BOILERS

Regulation 37. Fully automatic burner system.

(1) For the purposes of this regulation a fully automatic burner system is one in which, while the
electricity supply is switched on, an electrically operated burner starts up, continues in operation
at a preset oil consumption or by flame modulation until the heat demand is satisfied, and then
shuts down.

(2) Energy fully automatic burner system fitted to a steam boiler shall comply with the provisions

(i) means shall be provided to ignite the oil immediately it enters the combustion

(ii) an automatic device shall be provided to cut off the supply of oil to the burner within a
period of sixty seconds of the oil entering the combustion chamber if it fails to ignite and
to prevent resumption of the supply until the device is re-set manually;

(iii) means shall be provided to cut off the supply of oil to the burner whenever it is idle or
stopped for any cause whatever;

(iv) means shall be provided to cut off automatically the supply of oil to the burner within a
period of thirty seconds from any failure of the flame thereof:

Provide that this provision shall not apply to the oil burning equipment of a steam boiler
installed in a thermal power station operated by an electricity undertaking engaged in the
generation and distribution to the public of electrical energy;

(v) no light-operated flame failure device shall be prevented from functioning by
illumination from any source other than the flame of the burner it controls;

(vi) the automatic devices shall be coupled either electrically or mechanically or both so
(a) the burner will not start until the draught is established;

(b) the means of ignition is established before the oil leaves the burner;

(c) normal operation is maintained when the flame is satisfactorily established;

(d) the supply of oil to the burner is cut off if the flame is not established
satisfactorily or in the event of any defect in the flame failure device;

(e) there is a time lag of not less than two minutes between the shutting down
and starting up of any burner after an interruption of normal operation; and

(f) failure of the electric supply shall not prevent any of the devices from shutting
down the burners.

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