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                                     P.U. (A) 5/70 
                            UNFIRED PRESSURE
                    VESSEL) REGULATIONS, 1970 

                            (Subparagraph 7(2)(iv))

                       INSPECTING AUTHORITIES

1. Lloyd's Register Verification Limited, London.

2. Bureau Veritas International Register of Shipping, Paris.

3. Plant Safety Limited, United Kingdom.

4. Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc, Manchester.

5. Zurich Risk Services, United Kingdom.

6. Contract Inspection Services, OneBeacon America Insurance Company, Boston, U.S.A.

7. HSB Of Connecticut, U.S.A.

8. Bataafse Internationale Petroleum Maatschappij NV., Holland.

9. HSB Inspection Quality Limited, United Kingdom.

10. International Business & Mercantile Reassurance Company.

11. Intertek Testing Services (Japan) K.K.

12. Crown Agent for Oversea Governments and Administration, London.

13. New Zealand Marine Department.

14. Technical Standards and Safety Authority, Ontario, Canada.

15. All members of the Vereinigung der Technishen Uberwachungs- Vereine e.V.

16. Groupement des APAVE, Paris, France.

17. Association des Industriels de Belgique (A.I.B), Brussels, Belgium.

18. Associated Offices Technical Committee, Manchester 3, Great Britain.

19. Technischer Uberwachungs- Verein Wien, Wien, Austria.

20. Schweizer Verein von Dampfkesselbesitzern, Zurich, Switzerland.

21. Inspecta Sweden AB, Stockholm, Sweden     

                                                           [ P.U.(A) 55/2010]

22. The Royal Danish Boiler Inspection Department.
 23. Shanghai Institute of Special Equipment Inspection and Technical Research, Shanghai, People Republic of China;
                                                            [P.U.(A) 55/2010]
 24. Japan Boiler Association, Tokyo.
25. SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia.
                                                            [P.U.(A) 55/2010]
 26. S.G.S Far East Ltd.
 27. Vincotte International, Belgium.
 28. Stiching Independent Inspectors Pool, Holland with the condition that the end user of the steam boiler or unfired pressure vessel is any Shell Group of Companies or companies associated with Shell in Malaysia.
 29. Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, Japan.
 30. ABSG Consulting Inc.
 31. Societe Generale de Surveillance.
 32. Det Norske Veritas.
33. Germanischer Lloyds.
 34. Koatsugase Hoan Kyokai (KHK), Japan.
 35. [Deleted P.U.(A) 55/2010]
 36. Moody International Ltd. (M.M.I), United Kingdom.
 37. Registro Italiano Navale (RINA), Italy.
 38. Velosi Certification Bureau Limited, United Kingdom.
39. TUV Industrie Service GmbH, TUV Rheinland Group, Cologne.

 40. TUV Suddeutschland Group, Munich.                
                                                        [P.U.(A) 216/2005]

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