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Regulation 69. Steam pipe drainage.

                                    P.U.(A) 5/70
                   UNFIRED PRESSURE VESSEL)
                           REGULATIONS, 1970

Regulation 69. Steam pipe drainage.

(1) Every steam pipeline shall be provided with suitable means of drainage so arranged that the
entire line and any portion thereof, which it is possible to isolate, can be freed of water when the
line is in use or when the line is isolated from the steam boiler and there is no pressure on the

(2) Every steam pipeline shall, so far as practicable, be graded so that all water that may be
formed in the pipeline will gravitate to the drainage point, in the direction of flow of the steam.

(3) Where it is not practicable to comply with paragraph (2) of this regulation at any point where
water can collect under working conditions, the drainage point shall consist of a drain pocket or a
separator which is itself drained by a steam trap with a bye-pass connection.

(4) A hand-operated drain valve or cock shall be fitted to the lowest point of each section of every
steam pipeline for the purpose of draining such section when it is not in use or during any
warming-up period. For the purpose of this paragraph a section is that portion of the pipeline
between two shut-offs.

(5) Every steam trap, drain cock and valve shall be provided with a discharge pipe which will
convey the condensate to such a position that it may be discharged with safety. The discharge
pipe shall not be connected to any sump or hotwell in such a manner that the end of the pipe may
become submerged in water. So far as is practicable and consistent with safety, the discharge
end of any pipe connected to any hand-operated drain valve or cock shall be visible.

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