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Regulation 34. Oil burning equipment.

                                   P.U.(A) 5/70
                  UNFIRED PRESSURE VESSEL)
                           REGULATIONS, 1970
                      PART II - STEAM BOILERS

Regulation 34. Oil burning equipment.

The oil burning equipment of every oil fired steam boiler or of any steam boiler converted to burn
fuel oil after the coming into force of these regulations shall comply with the provisions of
regulations 35 and 36 as are appropriate and with the provisions following:

(i) no part thereof which comes into contact with fuel oil shall be made of lead, zinc,
galvanised metal or yellow brass;

(ii) galvanised pipes and pipe fittings shall not be used;

(iii) every pipe joint shall be either flanged or welded:

Provided that any such joint for service at a pressure of one hundred pounds per square
inch or less may comprise an all metal union;

(iv) where any joint is flanged the pipes shall be either welded to or screwed and
expanded into the flanges. Every flange shall be machined on the face and have a
metallic or other suitable joint. Red lead and boiled oil shall not be used for jointing

(v) no running point, long screw or connector shall be used in any oil pipe, nor shall any
such pipe be buried in earth or concrete;

(vi) a flange and spindle packing shall be of graphite asbestos compound or equivalent

(vii) means shall be provided to ensure that the supply of oil to any burner is cut off
before such burner can be uncoupled and that such supply cannot be resumed until the
burner has been correctly recoupled;

(viii) means shall be provided to ensure that any needle valve cannot be removed from
any burner while it is in operation;

(ix) any air register shall, so far as practicable, be arranged to close against the pressure
caused by an explosion or blow-back in the furnace;

(x) means shall, so far as practicable, be provided for the absorption or drainage and
disposal of any oil that may fall on the furnace bottom of the steam boiler;

(xi) where a lighting-up torch of the oil-soaked type is used it shall consist of a substantial
metal rod with a suitable hand grip having the absorbent material securely fixed to the rod
and it shall be provided with a dip-pot fastened to the furnace front in a convenient
(xii) an Inspector may require that a tray, save-all or gutter shall be provided under any
pump, filter and heater and at every furnace front.

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